asian countries to restart oil trade ties with iran


turkey will not cut off trade ties with iran at behest of others

urkey will not cut off trade ties with iran at the behest of other countries, foreign minister mevlüt çavuşoğlu said on friday in an interview with broadcaster ntv.

souring us ties prompt china to seek sweeter trade with india

the ongoing trade war between china and the united states is pushing the asian powerhouse to sweeten ties with neighbouring india.

lavrov says e3 agrees to replace dollar in iran trade

russia says the three european parties to the iran nuclear deal have agreed to continue trade ties with tehran without the us dollar.

zarif attracts support of the balkan states for iran’s regional role

iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif who is in a diplomatic tour to the balkan met with high-ranking croatian officials today to discuss issues of bilateral ties as well as regional developments. the tour is interpreted as a sign of iran’s desire to develop ties with the balkan countries.

what’s behind morocco’s decision to cut ties with iran?

in line with the attempts made by israel, saudi arabia and some of the other arab regimes to put pressure on iran in the region, morocco has announced that it cuts official ties with iran over allegations that iran supports a moroccan insurgent group. tehran however has strongly denied these claims.

turkey, russia, iran agree to use local currencies in trade

turkey, russia and iran have agreed to use their local currencies for trade between the three countries, according to central bank of iran governor abdolnaser hemati. hemati told media urday that a meeting with the administrators of the turkish and russian central banks is expected in the near future and he hopes that the agreed topics will come into effect quickly.

iran, turkey recommend dialogue in gulf state quarrel with qatar

regional leaders including turkey and iran are urging peace and stability after monday's fallout severance of diplomatic ties between arab countries led by saudi arabia and egypt and with qatar.

iran's foreign minister arrives in pakistan to enhance trade ties

iran's foreign minister javad zarif arrived in islamabad on sunday to hold talks with pakistani leadership on bilateral relations and regional situation, radio pakistan reported.

facing growing us pressures, iran looks north for economic, security cooperation

as part of its efforts to nullify the effects of washington’s increasingly hostile moves, iran has been trying to expand ties with the neighboring countries. while the iranian foreign minister is in istanbul for tripartite talks with his turkish and azeri counterparts, iran’s top military commander is set to hold high-ranking talks with the azeri military officials.

tpp countries agree to explore options for trade deal without u.s.

remaining countries of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal have agreed to explore options for continuing with it despite u.s. president donald trump's decision to ditch it, ministers from mexico and new zealand said on sunday.

pakistan desires expansion of brotherly ties with iran: na speaker

pakistan's national embly speaker asad qaiser said that pakistan attached immense importance to its fraternal relations with iran and wanted to further cement the existing relations through enhanced parliamentary cooperation between the legislatures of both the countries.

pak-iran: trade and travel suspended for three weeks

cross-border movement of people and trade activities between pakistan and iran have been suspended for three weeks due to the closure of trade gate ‘zero point’ and travelling gate ‘raahdari’ in taftan.

zarif: we want to start a dialogue with countries we call brothers

iran's foreign minister on sunday stepped up efforts to improve ties with gulf arab sunni states urging them to work with their shi'ite rival to address "anxieties" and violence across the region.

pakistan's free trade agreement talks with turkey nearing collapse

the commerce ministry has asked the government for clearance to take a long simmering dispute with turkey to the world trade organi ion (wto) after prolonged discussions on a free trade agreement (fta) between the two countries have hit an imp e.

diplomat calls for boosting pakistan-iran trade

iranian consul general muhammad rafie has said that the volume of trade between pakistan and iran has reached the mark of $1.5 billion per year and his country wants it to increase to a record level of $5bn.

iran auto exports decline, imports rise in 2016-17

asre khodro - iran’s trade promotion organization, affiliated to the ministry of industries, mining and trade, has released the latest data on automotive exports.

eu intensifies efforts to keep the jcpoa alive, while the us is intensifying pressures

while expressing political commitment to keep the 2015 nuclear deal with iran alive, the european countries are yet to realize their promises on establishing a special measure for conducting trade and financial interactions with iran. the european union, however, reiterates its commitment to intensify efforts in this regard.

uk and saudi arabia set for closer defence ties despite 'human rights abuses' in yemen

the uk and saudi arabia are set to agree closer ties in areas including defence, security, intelligence and trade.

iran eyes qatar, oman as trade hub to replace uae

political tension has forced iran to consider replacing the united arab emirates (uae), its traditional trade hub, with qatar and oman, china's xinhua news agency reported.

israeli envoy said to meet with sudan officials, offer aid in bid to renew ties

a senior israeli diplomat reportedly met with sudanese officials in a secret meeting held in istanbul as part of efforts to renew ties between the two countries and even establish full diplomatic relations.

despite american pressure, india says it will have independent ties with iran

despite american pressure on tehran and on new delhi to cut its oil imports from iran, india has come out and said it will have independent ties with iran.

putin discusses syria, economic ties with iran's rouhani: kremlin

russian president vladimir putin and iran's h an rouhani held a phone call in which the two leaders stressed the need for more joint efforts to resolve the syria crisis and discussed economic ties, the kremlin said on urday.

oil dips as trade tensions drag; iran sanctions provide some support

oil prices dipped on tuesday as rising trade tensions dented the outlook for fuel demand growth especially in asia, although u.s. sanctions against iran still pointed towards tighter supply.

oil stable as u.s.-china trade row weighs, iran sanctions cut supply outlook

oil prices dipped slightly on monday on concerns that a u.s.-china trade dispute will erode global economic growth, although looming u.s. sanctions against iran’s oil sector kept crude from falling further, traders said.

eu delegation in tehran to help reach a “win-win” situation with iran

as iran is keen to explore the economic opportunities provided by the nuclear deal to improve its economic situation, european countries have been raised as favorable partners. recent visit by a delegation of the european union to tehran was primarily aimed at building upon the current economic and trade opportunities.

new hopes and fears for turkey as ankara mulls improving ties with the eu

since the failed july 2016 coup in turkey and following the turkish government’s crackdown on civil society over alleged links with the plot, ankara’s ties with the western countries started to turn sour. now, it seems that turkey has started a new attempt to initiate a new opening with europe.

talks between eaeu, iran on free trade zone may end by october – ministry

russian deputy foreign minister vasily nebenzya said that negotiations between the eurasian economic union (eaeu) and iran on a temporary free trade zone agreement could be finished by the next eaeu summit.

china vows quick trade deal as trump sends mixed signals

us president donald trump sowed confusion on tuesday over the trade-truce with china, as he said negotiations could extend beyond an agreed 90-day timeframe. the three-month period halted the addition of new tariffs by both countries and was aimed at resolving the ongoing trade dispute. trump and his chinese counterpart xi jingping agreed to the truce on the sidelines of the g20 summit in argentina.

eu-africa trade relations: why africa needs the economic partnership agreements

for nearly three decades, europe’s trade relations with the african, caribbean and pacific (acp) countries, former european colonies, were based on unilateral preferences under the lomé convention, first signed in 1975.

new zealand's trade talks with russia on hold after u.k. attack

new zealand’s attempts to restart free-trade talks with russia are on hold after the u.k. accused vladimir putin of ordering a nerve-agent attack in the british city of salisbury.

eu and iran agreed to create work group on oil trade

the european union and iran have agreed to create a joint work group which will be working on oil trade issues, said miguel arias cañete, eu commissioner for energy.

trump travel ban should not apply to people with strong us ties, says court

the us appeals court has said donald trump’s ly contested travel ban targeting people from six muslim-majority countries should not be applied to people with strong ties to america.

india, russia, iran negotiating transport corridor to enhance trade

in a significant move to enhance trade and connectivity, india, russia, and iran are discussing a large joint project aimed at launching a new cargo transport corridor that could become a cheaper and shorter alternative to the suez canal.

stronger pak-iran defence ties to serve regional peace: gen. javed bajwa

army chief gen qamar javed bajwa said on urday that stronger pak-iran defence ties would serve regional peace and stability.

iran and eu inch closer to a framework for circumventing the us sanctions

as the deadline looms for the implementation of a new round of us sanctions against iran, the remaining parties of the iran nuclear deal appear to intensify their efforts to find a way for continuing economic ties with tehran. meanwhile, the iranian administration is preparing new measures to stabilize the domestic economic situation.

pakistan backs iran over us nuclear deal row

as prime minister imran khan on friday vowed to further strengthen pakistan-iran ties, the government expressed unequivocal support for iran’s position on its troubled nuclear deal with the west that has been abandoned by the united states and urged the other parties to the agreement to remain committed to it.

what's on the agenda of zarif's visit to india?

us president donald trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran and to impose sanctions against the islamic republic has complicated the situation for iran's foreign partners to continue trade an economic relations. iran's foreign minister is trying to find solutions for this problem with regard to one of iran's important partners, india.

asian markets tumble as trump tariffs spark trade war fears

fresh fears of a trade war between the world's top two economies sent asia markets tumbling on monday after the united states and china imposed tit-for-tat tariffs on billions of dollars of imports.

iran sees eurasian integration as a way out of us pressures

as iran has been looking for alternative ways for conducting its foreign economic interests in face of the increasing pressures by the united states, it appears more and more inclined toward deepening ties with the eurasian states. the visit of iran’s parliament speaker to turkey to attend a eurasian forum should be essed in this context.

iran-germany trade exchanges amount to $3.4b

seyyed ali salehpour told a meeting to review investment and economic development of north khorasan province that german exports to iran hit 2.9 billion dollars in 2017 while iran's exports to the country reached 500 million dollars.

iran to increase trade with pakistan to us$5 billion

iranian foreign minister javad zarif on monday announced to increase his country's trade with pakistan to us$5 billion by 2021.

iran lauds strategic, all-round ties with russia

iranian defense minister brigadier general amir hatami said urday that the iran-russia relations are "strategic," tasnim news agency reported.

u.s., china trade tensions a pressing concern for southeast asia - singapore pm

singapore prime minister lee hsien loong said on urday a mounting trade spat between the united states and china was one of the most pressing concerns for southeast asian nations.

iran is not seeking war with any country – ayatollah khamenei

despite being persistently blamed by rival of pursuing an “expansionist” foreign policy, iran has always declared that it’s not seeking to harm the interests of other countries. iran’s supreme leader has once again made it clear that the islamic republic does not want to start any war with any country.

iran strongly reacts to the saudi crown prince’s latest accu ions

once considered to be taboo, saudi arabia, as an important muslim country, is now publicly advocating close ties with the israeli regime, while condemning iran for the problems in the region. saudi crown prince’s latest charm offensive toward israel has faced with iran’s reaction.

europe shows no sign of bending to the us demands on iran

while the united states is increasing pressures on its european allies to cut ties with the islamic republic, major european powers show no signs of bending to washington’s demands. while germany talks of the need to establish an independent payment system to deal with iran, the uk is to take washington’s place in redesigning a heavy water reactor in iran.

kremlin says it disagrees with trump's essment of iran

the kremlin said on monday it did not agree with u.s. president donald trump's essment of iran as "the number one terrorist state" and wanted to deepen what it described as already good ties with tehran.

tillerson: us may miss iran nuclear deal deadline

secretary of state rex tillerson on monday said the u.s. may not be able fix the flaws in the iran nuclear agreement in time to meet a white house deadline, a remark that comes shortly before talks on iran with three european countries get underway next week.

as saudi-qatari gap widens, iran calls for dialogue and restraint

in a move surprising to many observers around the world, saudi arabia, the uae, bahrain and egypt have cut diplomatic ties and all land sea and air contacts with qatar. meanwhile, iran has asked the persian gulf states to use dialogue to resolve their differences.

pak-iran ties: positive direction

in recent times, high level exchanges between pakistan and iran appear to be taking bilateral relations to a positive direction and indeed it is the way forward to ensure a better future for this conflict ridden region and meet common challenges including those related to security.

iran reacts to the arab league’s latest accu ions

while the new phase of western intervention in the middle east has made the region prone to more instability, some of the arab countries still prefer to keep their focus on iran. the arab league’s recent allegations against the islamic republic has sparked iran’s clear reaction.

iran-russia cooperation to grow despite the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal

the united states president donald trump’s decision to unilaterally withdraw from the iran nuclear deal has faced with negative reactions from the other parties of the deal. while russia stresses its desire to continue developing ties with iran, germany urges for an independent european approach on the international issues.

eu says encouraging trade with iran is crucial to nuke deal

the european union foreign policy chief federica mogherini says the eu is encouraging enterprises to increase their business with iran, as that country has been compliant with their nuclear-related commitments.

israeli pm fails to gather european support for his anti-iran agenda

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was on a trip to europe recently in a bid to convince the europeans to increase the pressures on iran. however, his trip seems to have achieved just little success as the european countries continue to insist on the implementation of the nuclear deal with iran.

israeli pm fails to gather european support for his anti-iran agenda

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was on a trip to europe recently in a bid to convince the europeans to increase the pressures on iran. however, his trip seems to have achieved just little success as the european countries continue to insist on the implementation of the nuclear deal with iran.

iran threatens europe with 'terrible future' if the nuclear deal is broken

the head of the atomic energy organization of iran, ali akbar salehi, warned the european countries of the "terrible future" if the nuclear agreement with iran is abolished, interfax news agency reports with reference to the iranian tv channel press-tv.

what western countries can learn from iran’s response to terrorism

iran has enacted deliberate and cautious revenge over the september 22 terrorist attack on its military parade in the city of ahvaz, an activist tells radio sputnik’s loud & clear.

us move on iran threatens €143m irish export trade

more than €143 million worth of irish exports to iran are under threat from us president donald trump’s decision to pull out of the international nuclear deal and to reimpose sanctions on the islamic state.

iran, russia, turkey discussed non-dollar trade at summit in tehran - reports

iranian central bank governor abdolnaser hemmati has discussed with turkish and russian representatives at the recent trilateral summit of the syrian ceasefire guarantor states the possible replacement of the us dollar by national currencies in trade, local media reported on sunday.

iran is running out of patience on staying committed to the nuclear deal

despite persistently declaring political support for iran against the unilateral american position on the 2015 nuclear deal, the european countries have yet to take a practical step in preserving the deal. the europeans’ failure is apparently leading iran toward revising its own commitment to the nuclear deal.

asian countries to restart oil trade ties with iran