google rebrands files go to just files updates the ui along the way


google rebrands files go to just 'files', updates the ui along the way

google released the files go app late last year and as the name suggests, it was meant for android go users. well, it proved so popular (even among mainline android users) that the app is getting rebranded to just "files by google". files go was meant to help you clean out the clutter out of the limited storage on android go phones. but google noted that the app has grown to 30 million monthly users, some of which were using powerful phones with plenty of storage. we guess it's easier to lose a file in 128gb of storage than in 8gb, such lost files pile up and take up room. it's...

google guarantees pixel android updates through 2018, security patches through 2019

google's update schedule has been mostly the same with any nexus device in the past: android updates for two years, security updates for three years or 18 months after the google store runs out of stock. honestly, there's nothing surprising about these numbers, only that google has posted them onto its android support page. the google pixel was released in october of last year, so the pixel and pixel xl will both receive "guaranteed" android version updates through october 2018. notice google says "guaranteed" because it could decide it wants to update the pixel to the most current...

google decides to give the nexus 6p and nexus 5x two more months of security updates

google's software update policy for its nexus and pixel devices states it provides two years of feature updates and three years of security updates from when a product is first brought to market. so far, the company's page that reveals when support is expected to end listed the huawei nexus 6p and lg nexus 5x as getting their last security patches in september 2018. now though, without any announcement on the matter, the same page says they will get two additional months of security updates - until november 2018, to be precise. it's unclear why this happened, but it will certainly be...

گزارش تصویری مراسم وداع و تشییع محترم شهرستان آبیک ،حجت ال سید ابوتراب / فروردین97

به نام خدا

android security update for april brings many fixes for pixel 2, pixel, and some nexus

google releases a monthly security bulletin that contain its newest security updates and sometimes functional updates. today, google has released the full list of fixes and changes that will come with the april ota update. some of these fixes and updates apply to only pixel 2(xl) devices while others apply to the htc-made first-generation pixel (xl) phones. here are few updates mentioned in the update. isted dialing support for pixel 2 improve volte - vowi-fi handover during emergency calls for all pixels reduce delays upon opening certain apps for pixel 2 enable ims911...

منیجر گوگل از فروشگاه گوگل پلی حذف شد؛ فایل نصبی برنامه files go

منیجر گوگل ساعاتی پیش به دلایل نامعلوم از فروشگاه گوگل پلی حذف شد و کاربران دیگر به آن دسترسی ندارند. جهت فایل نصب برنامه files go با ما همراه باشید. شرکت گوگل به تازگی فایل منیجر جدید خود با نام برنامه files go را برای سیستم عامل اندروید معرفی کرده است. این برنامه که به ... نوشته منیجر گوگل از فروشگاه گوگل پلی حذف شد؛ فایل نصبی برنامه files go اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.

nexus player gains support for google istant via november security patch

the google nexus player was first introduced back in late-2014 around the time that android lollipop launched. since then, google's tv nexus device powered by android tv has been receiving updates. it was updated to oreo a couple of months ago which brought a brand-new interface to the streaming device. although the device is clearly missing from google's list of devices supported with software updates, the nexus player received an update with the latest security bulletin from google. when booting the nexus player back up, a prompt introduces google istant for the device. you can use...

google will require oems to provide regular security updates. or else

android devices have had a problem facing the platform for its entire lifetime (and you've heard this word on more than one occasion): fragmentation. google's now discontinued nexus devices and pixel hardware are all updated promptly and regularly by google. other manufacturers might take much longer to update phones. google has put a few things into place to lessen the problem of fragmentation by doing things like releasing project treble (mandatory on all hardware released with android 8.0 and above), and google has already done a lot to get oems to provide more regular security...

google updates google earth before earth day

after many years of stagnation, google has finally decided to do something cool with google earth. so on the eve of earth day, google has released a new version of google earth for the web and android. google earth was always about exploration and the new version takes that further. with a feature called voyager, google has teamed up with a bunch of organizations to create guided tours where you select a particular tour and then go through all the places and during this the globe spins and zooms to the point mentioned in the tour along with a brief description. google has also...

google releases may security update, fixes pixel xl charging bug

as a new month begins, we're treated to a new set of security patches from google for android. since today is the first monday of the month, the company has published the ociated bulletin and started rolling out over-the-air updates for the devices it still supports. while security updates are important, the headline fix this month is one for the charging bug introduced with the android 8.1 release, affecting the original pixel xl. this should be gone after you apply the may update. additionally, google has baked in some multitouch detection improvements for all devices. as always,...

project fi officially rebrands to google fi, finally supports iphones and most android devices

the prematurely posted report from yesterday was right: google has indeed rebranded its project fi carrier into google fi. to further mark its exit from beta status, it's also announced that the network finally supports iphones and most android devices. there's a huge catch, however. while you can bring your own phone to fi, in order to benefit from the full functionality of the service you still need to use one of only a few android handsets that the carrier is offering directly (or has in the past). this means that the smart network switching between t-mobile, sprint, us cellular,...

essential phone gets android 9 pie update already, on the day of google's official release

earlier today google announced the official name of the latest version of its mobile operating system. at the same time, over-the-air updates to android 9.0 pie have started going out to devices supported by google directly, namely pixels. in what feels like a record-breaking achievement, there's already an oem also sending out this update to its devices - we're talking about essential. if you own an essential phone check for an update notification, or if you don't see that go into settings and trigger it manually. essential's been pretty fast with os updates so far, but this is...

google announces project treble, a modular base for android aiming to make updates faster

here's the thing: android version updates are a painfully slow affair for every device that isn't a nexus or pixel. this has been the reality ever since the operating system's inception, and so far nothing has managed to change the situation. but google thinks that it can help, at least somewhat, by incorporating a modular base into its os, starting with the android o release later this year. up until this point, here are the steps that have been required for an os update on a non-google device to make it into your hands: quite complicated indeed. but from this point on android will...

وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید هر سال بدتر می شود!

وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید متاسفانه سال به سال به جای بهبود یافتن بدتر می شود. به این ترتیب بین عرضه دو به روزرسانی سیستم عامل متوالی هر سال فاصله بیشتری می افتد. شرکت گوگل به تازگی نسخه پیش نمایش اندروید 9 را برای توسعه دهندگان منتشر کرده است. اگرچه این خبر بسیار خوبی به شمار می آید، اما مشکل ... نوشته وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید هر سال بدتر می شود! اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید هر سال بدتر می شود!

وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید متاسفانه سال به سال به جای بهبود یافتن بدتر می شود. به این ترتیب بین عرضه دو به روزرسانی سیستم عامل متوالی هر سال فاصله بیشتری می افتد. شرکت گوگل به تازگی نسخه پیش نمایش اندروید 9 را برای توسعه دهندگان منتشر کرده است. اگرچه این خبر بسیار خوبی به شمار می آید، اما مشکل ... نوشته وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید هر سال بدتر می شود! اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.

google mistakenly pushes dogfood build of may's security update to pixel xl owners

google hasn't had the best luck this year when it comes to software updates. google's updates have addressed things that needed to be fixed as well as broken things that were working just fine before an update. the pixel xl received an unexpected ota notification today. source: android police a number of readers have contacted android police as they received an ota notification for a software update that reads: "confidential internal only - this is a confidential googlers-only ota to update your pixel xl with may 2017 security patches." the update takes up about 62mb of storage....

google p os restricts some video formats from unlimited storage

google p os is a popular p o storage service offering free unlimited storage for p os and videos for ios, android, mac, and pc as long as you don't mind that google compresses your files a bit to save space. the latest change to google makes it so that unsupported videos uploaded to the platform count against your google account storage quota. in order to get free storage, some users were disguising movies or other unsupported video files as raw or some other unsupported video file extension. this probably isn't the only reason for the change, but google added a short phrase to...

گزارش تصویری/ اجتماع ده ها هزار نفری «تا قدمگاه خورشید» در شهرستان بهبهان (5)

مردم شهرستان بهبهان در سالروز شهادت علی بن موسی الرضا(ع) با پای پیاده، خود را به قدمگاه رضا(ع) رساندند و در سوگ رئوف به عزاداری پرداختند. منبع: خبرگزاری ایکنا

widespread google home and chromecast outages reported, fix on way

experiencing service issues with your google home series of devices or chromecast dongles? well, you are not alone. google has confirmed there's indeed an ongoing problem affecting users of these devices, and a fix is on the way. we're sorry to hear some of our users are experiencing issues with their google home and chromecast. we're on it. stay tuned for updates.— made by google (@madebygoogle) june 27, 2018 we have a fix for google home and chromecast. it will automatically roll out within the next 6 hours. to get back up and running now, reboot your device →...

nokia promises monthly security updates for its smartphones

nokia has revealed that it will be pushing out monthly security updates to all its smartphones. the confirmation e in the form of a reply to a user query on twitter. @madhavchinnam our products will receive android updates and monthly security updates.— nokia mobile (@nokiamobile) march 11, 2017 in addition, the tweet said the company will also push out regular software updates. however, the time-frame for which a particular handset will receive such updates wasn't revealed. the nokia 6, which was announced in january this year, marked the company's return to smartphones. last...

گزارش تصویری اختتامیه جشنواره قرآنی - اردیبهشت 96


برگزاری مراسم یادواره شهر فرح آباد ساری

به گزارش روابط عمومی دفتر منطقه رودپی شهرستان ساری (شهر فرح آباد)یادواره ی شهر فرح آباد در شب شهادت جواد(ع)با سخنرانی جناب سرهنگ روشن در مصلی شهر فرح آباد برگزار شد

samsung galaxy s6 models will no longer get security updates

samsung's galaxy s6 was released in q2 of 2015 and marked a new chapter for samsung as it shed itself of cheap plastic body's and went towards gl and metal for the galaxy s. the phone launched with lollipop (5.0) out of the box and received the latest version of nougat as its latest major android update. since then, it has been receiving regular security updates that help to protect against new vulnerabilities as per google's monthly security bulletin. samsung's security website no longer lists the galaxy s6, galaxy s6 edge, galaxy s6 edge+, and galaxy s6 active as devices that are...

hmd global explains the process of android updates in this cool infog hic

nokia phones are known for its clean, clutter-free android experience and timely updates. but that doesn't take away from the fact that each and every update has to walk a long way before it ends up on your phone so the company created this cool infog hic explaining all the stages. google's latest mobile os version starts its journey from the chipset vendors so they can make the needed drivers. in turn, the chip makers send the hal (hardware abstraction layer) to the smartphone oems so they can begin the process of building the os for their specific devices. also, the chipset vendors...

گزارش تصویری مولودی تولد المومنین علیه السلام - فروردین 96


nokia explains the process of android updates in this cool infog hic

nokia phones are known for its clean, clutter-free android experience and timely updates. but that doesn't take away from the fact that each and every update has to walk a long way before it ends up on your phone so the company created this cool infog hic explaining all the stages. google's latest mobile os version starts its journey from the chipset vendors so they can make the needed drivers. in turn, the chip makers send the hal (hardware abstraction layer) to the smartphone oems so they can begin the process of building the os for their specific devices. also, the chipset vendors...

you can't hail an uber via google maps anymore

a while back, google introduced support for displaying ride sharing apps and their estimated rates right from google maps' view of different transit and transportation directions. at first, uber was the only ride sharing app to show up in google maps' directions view. later, uber and google maps added support to fully request a ride, without needing to switch to the uber app. this particular feature will no longer work as of the latest app updates. you can still see the uber ride option within google maps, among other ride sharing apps and their estimated fares, but booking a car...

google upgrades play app with instant playing, arcade mode

google introduced changes to its play app in a recent blog post that will let you play games on android devices without the need to them. it also started pushing some ui updates to the play store for a better preview of images and screens s that are still rolling to all customers. the google play app comes with arcade tab on the bottom, letting you preview, browse games and even play some without ing them in the google play instant category. there are also video trailers, news, and youtube walkthroughs. first headlines that are available include clash royale,...

deal: get your refurbished pixel for $200, xl for $230

yes, the original pixel phones from google will soon become two-year-old handsets but that doesn't mean they are obsolete in 2018. no, in fact, the pixel and pixel xl have hardware that is still capable and vanilla android ensuring ery smooth operation. very few phones offer slow aging as google's phones. but that's not all. the benefit of having a pixel phone is google's extended software support - you still have at least a year of major android updates and an even longer period for security patches. and no other maker can beat google when it comes to the timely fashion of...

google p os gets suggested actions, automatic black and white backgrounds

with all the updates coming out of google io, the search giant couldn't forget about p os, one of its most successful services to date. thus, it's received a couple of neat feature additions too. first up, we have suggested actions. these will pop up while you're glancing at an image in the p os app on your phone. they're powered by machine learning and include such options as brightening, sharing, rotating, or archiving a picture. which of them will show up on any given image depends on what google's ai thinks you're most likely to want to do with each one. they will only be...

google maps on ios gets updated to support iphone x

google has finally gotten around to updating its maps app on ios to support the iphone x. this means instead of letterboxing the app will now occupy the entire screen, including the little ears around the infamous notch. maps joins google's slow but steady stream of ios updates adding support for the iphone x. so far apps like youtube, keep, docs, sheets, and slides have been updated but almost every other, including the likes of chrome, gmail, google search, drive, p os, calendar, and gboard have not been updated yet. also, even when it does update, it's not always perfect. the...

android 8.1 will reduce the size of inactive apps to save space

we've started to see more oems raise the base amount of storage on smartphones to 64gb of storage, though the same can't be said for mid and lower range devices, most of which start at 32gb, but also go as low as 16gb. with google's most recent release of its smart storage mana ent app files go, it's apparent that google intends to make storage a pain point of the past. the latest commit in android's aosp framework mentions a new feature that would automatically flag apps as "inactive" and deprioritizes the generation of cache files for the particular app. android will only consider an...

ظهور شهر باستانی از دل زمین

 طوفان سنگین شن در شهرستان فهرج کرمان، موجب پدیدار شدن بخش عظیمی از یک شهر باستانی در بخش نگین کویر در حوالی این شهرستان شد.منبع: خبرگزاری مهرآثاری از سفال، استخوان و دیوارهای خشتی شهر در این محوطه باستانی مشاهده می شود. 

android p beta page goes live with links to the beta

yesterday google announced android p alongside a myriad of improvements, updates and new features. and, answering our hopes, google released the android p beta right away to a number of supported devices. to help those that want to play around with the first developer preview, google has created a support page that lists all devices and the respective links to their beta , a link to report an issue and a support page for that device. to sum up, the devices that support the android p beta as for right now are the google pixel and pixel xl, the google pixel 2 and 2 xl, the...

15 تیر فرح آباد به روایت تصویر

به گزارش روابط عمومی دفتر فرح آباد عبادی 15 تیر شهر فرح آباد به ت حجت ال حاج شیخ محمد عابدی فیروزجایی برگزار شد

t-mobile galaxy s8 updated for google daydream, kind of

t-mobile's latest update to the galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ was released on july 8 with a few updates, fixes, and enhancements. the update for both devices also mentions "google daydream compatibility". even so, we are still unable to actually install the google daydream app on our t-mobile galaxy s8+. the app is simply not available on the play store. google must still need to enable a server-side change so that galaxy devices equipped with this update can go ahead and the daydream app. the update is merely preparing the devices to be daydream compatible. the guys over at...

ع نامه ( عکاسی های من از مناظر یاسوج)

پی نوشت : اون فسقلی پیراهن قرمز شکلاته 

دهه فجر انقلاب ی 1395

بسمه تعالیآمدی فجر ! که با آمدن تو، آمد، ی که بر سربیدادگران، وش کلیم داشت و برجان امت، دم . کلامش بوی وحی‏داشت و طعم شیرین آوای انبیا.دهه فجرمبارک

ائین تشت گذاری در زنجان و اردبیل

آیین تشت گذاری که یکی از قدیمی ترین سنتها و مناسک مردم ایران است ، شب پنجشنبه و با نزدیک شدن به ایام عزاداریهای سالار شهیدان حسین (ع) برگزار شد.

گزارش تصویری از مراسم بیتوته - اردیبهشت 96                                                                          

weekly poll results: 3 years of updates are enough

three years of software support for smartphones should be enough for most people, our poll reveals. it was the most popular option and while "four years or more" e close, we think three is much more realistic. there is something to be said about the price, though. flagships definitely need three years of support. low to mid-range phones could get by with two years if the price is low enough to change them more frequently. the good news is that some companies already offer three years of support (e.g. apple and google). the bad news is that these updates are factored in the price and...

lg opens global software upgrade center in south korea to ensure faster updates

lg has announced that it is opening a global software upgrade center in south korea. the facility will be located in lg's new research and development pus in magok-dong, western seoul. according to lg: "the software upgrade center will not only be charged with developing and delivering regular os updates for lg smartphones, it will also be responsible for ensuring a consistent user experience on lg devices by continuously testing the stability and compatibility between hardware and software after updates". lg says this facility will enable rolling out updates to countries where its...

qualcomm announces early support for android p to expedite updates of snapdragon phones

amid the announcements that took place today at google i/o about android p, qualcomm announced that it has worked with google to get early access to android p so that the chip maker could ensure readiness for oems' devices to be updated to android p. we are excited to work with google to pre-integrate our software with android p, making it production ready for oems. google and qualcomm technologies are set to expand the market for android and make it easier for oems to launch based on snapdragon. - mike genewich, director and product manager at qualcomm qualcomm has optimized android p...

google pixel 3 and 3 xl get an audio fix when recording video

the google pixel 3 and 3 xl were plagued by a lot of issues initially but many were already addressed via software updates. one of those that remained was the poor audio quality while recording videos. luckily, there's a patch that aims to fix that and it's already seeding. it's part of the latest update that google delivered to its flagship duo. the update is also seeding to older pixels and the pixel c, where's it only contains a security patch. it's just 56mb big and if you are too impatient, you can the factory image and flash it manually. via

google home now supports purchased and uploaded songs on google play

google play is one of the more ver ile services, even on the add supported free tier, which allows you to upload up to 50,000 of your own mp3 files which you can then stream through the service. google home only allowed you to stream from its on-demand collection of until today. support for streaming purchased and personally uploaded to the service is currently rolling out for all markets where available. this is good news for those who enjoy streaming their personal library of uploaded . here's how to stream them. if you are on the free tier of...

حضور حجت ال عابدی فیروزجایی شهر فرح آباد ساری در همایش شمیم جهادی

به گزارش روابط عمومی دفتر فرح آباد حضور حجت ال عابدی فیروزجایی فرح آباد در همایش شمیم جهادی که ائمه ،نمایندگی های ی در نهاد ها ومدیران فرهنگی و مدیران و مسئولین بخش کشاورزی استان مازندران حضور داشتند.آیت الله تقوی محترم ولی فقیه در جهاد کشاورزی سخنران ویژه این همایش بودند.

بارندگی یک هفته ای بهمن ماه در روستای چاه کبکان

بارندگی یک هفته ای بهمن ماه در روستای چاه کبکان

پیاده روی خانوادگی و عمومی به مناسبت دهه فجر در روستای چاه کبکان

پیاده روی خانوادگی و عمومی به مناسبت دهه فجر در روستای چاه کبکان

weekly poll: how long should phones get os updates?

getting a major os update is almost like buying a new phone - you get a host of new features, (hopefully) faster software and occasionally a complete overhaul of the ui. it's actually better than a new phone, it's free! yep, phones never had the pc model where a new version of the os is something you buy. that's good on the surface, but there's a flip side. you can update a 10-year old pc to windows 10 without waiting on its manufacturer. you probably shouldn't, but you can. with phones, you pay nothing for updates and sometimes you get your money's worth. that's not true for all...

galaxy s7 and s7 edge on us cellular finally receive android 7.0 nougat updates

today us cellular has finally started rolling out the updates to android 7.0 nougat for its versions of samsung's flagships from last year, the galaxy s7 and s7 edge. this comes around eight months after google's initial nougat release be e available, and three months after samsung's first nougat builds for these phones started going out. so you definitely can't accuse us cellular of being fast at this whole update thing. still, owners of s7 and s7 edge devices purchased from the company can now look forward to the new user experience samsung introduced alongside the nougat...

آپدیت آی او اس 12.1.2 برای رفع مشکلات esim منتشر شد

شرکت اپل آپدیت آی او اس 12.1.2 را به منظور رفع مشکلات ایجادشده از راه اندازی esim برای دستگاه هایی که پشتیبانی می کند، ارسال کرد. همانطور که شماره نسخه هم نشان می دهد، این یک آپدیت کوچک با حجم معادل 100 مگابایت است. در صورتی که شما دارای آیفون ای اس (iphone xs)، آیفون ای اس م (iphone ... نوشته آپدیت آی او اس 12.1.2 برای رفع مشکلات esim منتشر شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

new update hitting nokia 5 and nokia 6 smartphones

hmd has started pushing out new updates to its nokia 5 and nokia 6 smartphones. weighing in at around 132 mb, these are security updates that bring along android fixes for the month of march. the updates are rolling out in several markets, including india, the uk, germany, mexico, and greece. others in the list include bangladesh, malaysia, hungary, the philippines, sri lanka, and tunisia. as is usually the case with ota roll outs, it may take time for the update to hit your device, so be patient. via

future zte nubia phones will have stock android

mwc 2018 was a place where all the major companies had something to say or unveil, including zte. the manufacturer's smartphone brand nubia will drop the nubia ui and will switch to stock android for its global devices. the primary reason is users wanting faster android updates and patches. according to greek sources, nubia will keep its unique user interface only for its homeland china where it will also lack google services. future nubia phones coming with stock android oreo will be on project treble, meaning their updates will finally arrive on time. a nubia executive said...

برگزاری جلسه مربیان آمادگی دفاعی ناحیه ۲

در تاریخ ۲۳ اسفند ۱۳۹۵ جلسه مربیان آمادگی دفاعی ناحیه ۲ جهت هماهنگی های لازم ، برای برگزاری اردوی عملی مرحله دوم ، در گروه های آموزشی برگزار شد .

google updates official android website to remove 'tablets' section

google has updated the official android website, and the 'tablets' section is gone. so now there are only five sections on the home page, including phones, wear, tv, auto, and enterprise. now: earlier: any attempt to access the 'tablets' page ( now results in redirection to the home page of the website. so it's quite evident now that the company is done with tablets. and that shouldn't be surprising as users have been losing interest in tablets. according to a recent report, the tablets market touched a new low last quarter, with only only...

newly-announced asus zenfone 4 and zenfone 4 selfie pro getting updates

asus has started pushing out updates to the newly-unveiled zenfone 4 and zenfone 4 selfie pro smartphones. for the former, the update improves wifi connectivity as well as brings along a couple of fixes. on the other hand, the selfie pro update includes changes like image quality improvement and overall era quality enhancement. both these devices haven't launched yet, so those purchasing should see notification for these updates out of the box. source 1 2 | via

google and apple say many vulnerabilities highlighted by wikileaks have been fixed

shortly after wikileaks released a cache of documents revealing details on cia programs aimed at ing popular mobile operating systems such as android, chrome, and ios, google said that many of the vulnerabilities highlighted in the leak have already been fixed. "as we've reviewed the documents, we're confident that security updates and protections in both chrome and android already shield users from many of these alleged vulnerabilities," said heather adkins, google's director of information security and privacy. as for the remaining vulnerabilities, adkins noted, "our analysis...

google fixes pixel 3 ram issues and expands esim support with december update

google has announced the december update for its pixel and nexus smartphones today. the factory images are already available for those who want to install it right away, as are full ota zip files. the over-the-air rollout should also have begun, but as usual that will take at least a few days to reach all of the supported devices in the wild. the bad ram mana ent issues in the pixel 2, pixel 2 xl, pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl should be fixed with this update, google says. additionally, the company has expanded the support for esims to a bunch of new carriers: sprint in the us, ee in the uk,...

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google signs 32-bit only apps' death sentence

google is cleaning house - starting on august 1 2019 it will no longer accept new apps or app updates that do not support 64-bit processors. you will still be able to the old versions of those apps, however. note that games built with unity 5.6 or older will be exempt from this and can still be updated. there's a way around this - 32-bit only apps can be updated, but they won't run phones with pie (of which there will be plenty after the mwc). this makes it less likely that developers will be willing to put in the work. 64-bit transition timeline also, from august 1...

google rebrands files go to just files updates the ui along the way