oneplus 6t gets a proper teardown reveals the under display fp scanner


oneplus 6 teardown shows screen repair is hard, battery replacement is easy

the oneplus 6 is the latest device to get the full dis embly treatment from ifixit. the teardown reveals some interesting bits about the device's construction as well as some pitfalls. the biggest issue seems to be the gl back, which makes the device harder to repair and more prone to damage. the first thing ifixit found is that the gl cover on the oneplus 6 is relatively easy to remove compared to other gl phones and once you get it out of the way, the battery is the first thing you can access. this is important for those who plan to keep the phone for longer than two...

ویدیوی کالبدشکافی آیفون ای آر اپل منتشر شد

ویدیوی کالبدشکافی آیفون ای آر اپل به تازگی توسط تیم ifixit منتشر شده است. بر اساس کالبدشکافی آیفون ای آر می توان گوشی اپل آیفون xr را همان اپل آیفون 9 نامید! اپل آیفون ای آر نسخه ای تقلیل یافته نسبت به آیفون ای اس محسوب شده و اپل آن را گوشی آی او اسی اقتصادی سال ... نوشته ویدیوی کالبدشکافی آیفون ای آر اپل منتشر شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

کالبدشکافی آیفون 10 توسط تیم ifixit ؛ در دل پرچمدار اپل چه می گذرد؟

ifixit با کالبدشکافی آیفون 10 اپل (apple iphone 10) تلاش کرده تا علاوه بر نمایش اجزای داخلی این گوشی، تعمی ذیری پرچمدار جدید اهالی کوپرتینو را نیز بسنجد. موردی که احتمالا در نخستین بخش از کالبدشکافی آیفون 10 توجه شما را به خود جلب خواهد کرد، وجود دو سلول باتری با آرایش l شکل است. این ترکیب ... نوشته کالبدشکافی آیفون 10 توسط تیم ifixit ؛ در دل پرچمدار اپل چه می گذرد؟ اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.

کالبدشکافی اپل واچ راز طراحی زیبای آن را فاش کرد

اپل واچ سری 4 (apple watch series 4) چندی پیش همراه با آیفون های جدید رونمایی شد. یکی از ویژگی های منحصربه فرد ساعت هوشمند اپل واچ 4 داشتن ظاهری بدون حاشیه و زیباست و حالا کالبدشکافی اپل واچ 4 راز رسیدن اپل به این طراحی را فاش کرده است. اپل واچ سری 4 با ظاهری زیبا تحت ... نوشته کالبدشکافی اپل واچ راز طراحی زیبای آن را فاش کرد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

هزینه ساخت آیفون ای اس م چقدر است؟

انتظار می رود هزینه ساخت آیفون ای اس م (iphone xs max) به عنوان بزرگترین گوشی آی او اسی تاریخ تکنولوژی، بسیار بیشتر از آیفون ای باشد، اما چنین خبری نیست! کالبد شکافی آیفون xs max هزینه ساخت یک دستگاه از این گوشی را نشان داد. شرکت ihs markit واقع در لندن، وظیفه بسیار خطیری دارد. ... نوشته هزینه ساخت آیفون ای اس م چقدر است؟ اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

google pixel 3 xl teardown reveals samsung-made screen, loads of glue

if you were dying to see some nice high-res s s of the google pixel 3 xl's innards, wait no more. the teardown experts over at ifixit have once again done what they do best and picked the smartphone apart. the teardown has revealed that the display google is using this year comes from samsung (while the touch controller is the same part used in the galaxy s9+). that's in contrast to last year, when the pixel 2 xl's oled panel was manufactured by lg. the switch of suppliers isn't at all surprising, however, in light of displaymate's evaluation of the pixel 3 xl's screen. the...

oneplus 6 to come with under-screen fingerprint sensor in early 2018

according to a new rumor, the next oneplus smartphone - likely to be called oneplus 6 - will feature an underscreen fingerprint sensor. the report cites a source which has been correct about oneplus devices in the past. another important information the report reveals is the device will arrive in march 2018. it will debut in mid-march, and will go on sale later that month. now, given that a phone with under-screen fingerprint scanner is already highly-likely to be showcased during ces 2018, the oneplus phone won't be the first to feature the technology, but we are yet to see which one...

teardown shows the honor 6x' internals, in a controlled fashion this time

the popular midrange huawei honor 6x was subjected to a torture test yesterday, and it's fair to say that it failed - a scratch-prone display is one thing, but the fact that the handset pretty much snapped in two when bent by hand raises some valid durability concerns. if you want to be able to keep using your honor 6x after finding out what's inside, this here teardown will help you with that task. a set of guitar picks and a couple of screwdrivers will go a long way towards achieving that goal. the teardown reveals the step by step procedure for dis embly and names key components....

کالبدشکافی اپل واچ 3 توسط ifixit ؛ تغییرات جزئی نسبت به نسل قبل

اخیرا ifixit با کالبدشکافی اپل واچ 3 (apple watch series 3)، میزان تعمی ذیری ساعت هوشمند جدید اپل را بررسی کرده است که احتمالا برای کاربران جذاب خواهد بود. ساعت هوشمند جدید اپل با پشتیبانی از شبکه lte عرضه شده و به نظر می رسد ان از صفحه نمایش دستگاه به عنوان آنتن استفاده کرده اند. هرچند، خوشبختانه این ... نوشته کالبدشکافی اپل واچ 3 توسط ifixit ؛ تغییرات جزئی نسبت به نسل قبل اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.

this is what the oneplus 5t will look like

it's no secret that oppo and oneplus (and vivo) are owned by the same company and it shows in a variety of ways across the devices of the three manufacturers. the oneplus 5 has an uncanny resemblance to the oppo r11 - they differ slightly in size, chipset and ram, in eras and batteries but are more or less identical in terms of design. which is why you needn't look further than the upcoming oppo r11s to know how the oneplus 5t will look. the oneplus 5t will move the fingerprint scanner to the back to make room for a new nearly bezel-less 18:9 display - a 6.0-inch amoled...

oneplus 6t is here with a smaller notch, in-display fingerprint reader, bigger battery

after a lengthy promotional paign and a fair bit of leaks the oneplus 6t is here just about six months after its predecessor arrived on shelves. at this point we're well aware of what the oneplus 6t brings over the oneplus 6 but we'll go over it again. half of the oneplus 6t's improvements are in the hardware and the other come through software. the former include a smaller water drop-styled notch, an in-display fingerprint scanner and a larger battery. the latter include improvements to the era and the performance. there's one hardware regression we need to get out of the way...

oneplus 6t sales to start on october 30

oneplus 6t is arriving on october 17 and the phone has already featured in renders, teasers and press images. the device will have an in-display fingerprint scanner, but no 3.5 mm audio jack, and will have a 10% bigger battery than the predecessor oneplus 6. a new bit of information has also been revealed thanks to an amazon india listing - the market launch date, which is going to be october 30. this is the day when a pre-order offer is ending and the oneplus 6t should be shipping and appearing on retailer's shelves. the oneplus 6t will have a lot in common with the oppo r17...

oneplus 6t in-display fingerprint reader will be optical, oneplus confirms

oneplus 6t's standout feature is undoubtedly the in-display fingerprint reader but just like everyone else out there, we are wondering if it's going to be any good. after all, the technology hasn't matured yet and makers need some time to perfect it to make it work just as good as a regular scanner. to clear some of the confusion, oneplus just confirmed that the phone will be using an optical type of fingerprint reader. if this doesn't ring any bells, let us clarify. according to most, ultrasonic fingerprint readers are more accurate than optical ones due to the fact that ultrasound...

galaxy note8 teardown reveals modular but tough to get to components

the latest handset to go through the teardown procedures performed by the folks at ifixit is samsung's new flagship, the galaxy note8. it's managed to fare much better in the repairability department than the recently torn down essential phone, but that doesn't mean the note8 is easy to get into - at all, unfortunately. any repair you may want to make requires you to remove the gl rear panel, which is a challenging task to accomplish because of how much adhesive is holding it in place. if you want to replace the screen, you'll need to remove both the display embly and the rear panel...

oneplus 6t market launch to start on october 30

oneplus 6t is arriving on october 17 and the phone is pretty much revealed in renders, teasers and press images. the device will have an in-display fingerprint scanner, will skip on the 3.5 mm audio jack, and will have a 10% bigger battery than the predecessor oneplus 6. a new bit of information has also been revealed thanks to an amazon india listing - the market launch date, which appears to be october 30. this is the day when a pre-order offer is ending and the oneplus 6t should be shipping and appearing on retailer's shelves. the oneplus 6t will have a lot in common with the...

oneplus 5 teaser suggests horizontal dual era setup

we've seen plenty of rumors, teasers, and leaks about the long-awaited oneplus 5. the company most recently teased that the new device will be smaller than the oneplus 3t. the latest bit comes from weibo where an image allegedly reveals the dual era setup that would be arranged horizontally in the upper left corner. the image also shows the antenna bands would be placed in two corners on the back of the display - upper left and lower right. this would come as a change from the two straight lines we saw on the oneplus 3t's back. other rumors suggest the oneplus 5 might have 6...

گوشی وان پلاس 6 تی با دو قابلیت بسیار مهم در راه است

تصاویر جعبه گوشی وان پلاس 6 تی (oneplus 6t) از طریق منابع چینی منتشر شد. ظاهرا پرچمدار جدید وان پلاس با اسکنر اثر انگشت زیر صفحه در اختیار کاربران خواهد گرفت. اگر طی چند سال گذشته، اخبار مربوط به تلفن های هوشمند را بادقت دنبال کرده باشید، متوجه خواهید شد که گوشی های وان پلاس به شکل ... نوشته گوشی وان پلاس 6 تی با دو قابلیت بسیار مهم در راه است اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد.

latest phone apk teardown reveals feature for screening robo-calls

the guys over at xda-developers have performed an apk teardown of the latest google phone apk (version 22). this is the default telephony app that is used on google's nexus and pixel devices. the latest feature slated for this dialer is a call-screening feature that would keep spam calls from interrupting you. according to the teardown, the phone app's new feature is called "call screen" and it will apparently work without the need for an active wi-fi or data connection - to do this, it will use a real-time audio transcription of the incoming call to warn you if the call has a robot at the...

oneplus 5 may have four color versions, teaser reveals

not content with just making waves today regarding the presence of a 3.5mm headset jack (or lack thereof) on its next phone, oneplus has seemingly outed another teaser. this time around things aren't as cryptic, but that doesn't mean this teaser is (very) straightforward. what 5hould the color of your next phone be? 😉— oneplus (@oneplus) may 22, 2017 using the number "5" instead of the letter "s" can be thought of as a dead giveaway revealing that this is all about the much-hyped oneplus 5. so you can take this two ways - either the chinese company...

oneplus reveals 5t's unveiling location

for the past couple of weeks oneplus has been actively teasing its upcoming oneplus 5t smartphone, focusing on features like the device portrait mode and headphone jack. today the chinese company has released yet another teaser, this time dedicated to the location where the smartphone will be unveiled. guess which city we're going to party in for the #oneplus5t launch!— oneplus (@oneplus) november 5, 2017 the company posted a s from manhattan, asking us guess which city is hosting the oneplus 5t launch, clearly suggesting it's going to be new...

oneplus 6t pops up on geekbench

oneplus will introduce its next flagship on october 29 and the device already appeared on a german retailer website with specs, p os, and prices. although we pretty much know what the expect - from the waterdrop notch to the fingerprint scanner under the screen, now we know how the oneplus 6t will perform, thanks to a geekbench listing. unsurprisingly, the oneplus a6013 with snapdragon 845 and 8 gb ram reached scores of 2387 for a single core and 8925 for multiple cores, similar to other sd845-powered devices, including the oneplus 6. still, given the benchmarked unit is...

oneplus 6t battery capacity revealed

oneplus 6t is arriving in three weeks, but we already saw the cad-based renders of the phone and know it's coming with in-display fingerprint scanner. it is pretty much obvious the new phone will have dash charge like its predecessors, now we have the battery capacity, thanks to a leaked p o of the label on the power cell. it will be 10% bigger than oneplus 6's battery with a capacity of 3,700 mah. the leak comes from a leakster on the chinese social media weibo. it says the typical capacity of the power cell will be 3,700 mah, but the rated is 3,610 mah. even though oppo and...

thunder purple oneplus 6t is now official

oneplus 6t was unveiled last week only in two variants of black, but today the device is introduced in a new shade at the china launch party. the new variant is called thunder purple oneplus 6t, already known from official promo images we reported earlier today. the new phone is different from the original only by its appearance - otherwise hardware wise, it's the same device head to toe. it's powered by a snapdragon 845, it has a bigger screen and an under-display fingerprint scanner, it's got 8 gb ram and 128 gb storage, and a bigger battery. the device also comes with dual...

oneplus 3t 128 gb not discontinued, at least not globally

earlier today we reported that the oneplus 3t 128 gb is being discontinued, according to the company's website and a sales representative. now we have received an official re al stating that the phone is not discontinued, it is just out of stock. a quick glance at oneplus' website reveals that some versions are listed as "sold out" while the indian website still says "discontinued." eu version • indian version according to an oneplus representative : ‘as we've matured as a company we've made a lot of improvements to our supply chain. we recently sold out of the...

oneplus 5 uses the same display panel as the 3t

the oneplus 5 uses the same screen as the oneplus 3t - no, we don't mean the same specs, it's the exact same panel. aida64 detects a samsung s6e3fa5 panel on both devices. this is a change from the original oneplus 3, which had an fa3 panel. it's not entirely clear what the differences are between fa3 and fa5. still, the oneplus 5 has no hardware improvements over its predecessor, at least as far as screen is concerned. oneplus 5 uses a samsung s6e3fa5 amoled display panel actually, our review shows a slightly lower maximum brightness and a slightly worse sunlight legibility for...

oneplus 6 leaks in new renders showing its front and rear, super slo mo video capture outed too

oneplus has been teasing its next smartphone for weeks now, and the oneplus 6 is set to finally become official on may 16. until then, let's feast our eyes upon the image below, which allegedly shows leaked press renders of the phone. there's nothing new or surprising here, but it's nice to see both of the handset's sides for once. note that we can't verify the authenticity of these renders, as they don't come from a usual source of leaks. moving on, the image below has reportedly been found on oneplus' official website for india at some point, and it reveals that the phone will be...

oneplus 5 may have dual-edge screen, 256gb of storage and a 23mp era

a new rumor comes from korea that claims oneplus' next smartphone flagship will be named the oneplus 5. why would the company skip the oneplus 4, you might ask? well there are a couple of possibilities: the number 4 is considered unlucky in china, and given that there was a oneplus 3t, the next oneplus flagship (excluding the oneplus x) would technically be the fifth flagship that the company makes. oneplus 3t the same report suggests the oneplus 5 would borrow some looks from the galaxy s7 edge, featuring a dual-edged display. there is also talk of a 16mp selfie shooter, 23mp...

oneplus 6t teases the in-display fingerprint reader

the oneplus twitter account has been focused on the 6 until now, but the first teaser tweet for the oneplus 6t just e out. it features the hexagonal "t" logo of the upgraded model and almost certainly hints at the in-display fingerprint reader (which was already officially confirmed). you can see "unlock the future" flash quickly, almost as a subliminal message. this isn't the first teaser, an ad even showed a glimpse of the phone. oneplus 6t. it's coming.— oneplus (@oneplus) september 28, 2018 the reply tweets below the teaser are about what you...

early oneplus 5t era review: no zoom, better low-light p os

earlier we saw carl pei teasing the portrait mode of the upcoming oneplus 5t and rumors have suggested an upgraded hardware. a era review posted before the official unveiling reveals what the rumors did not - that 5t's dual era will drop the zoom lens. instead, the second sensor will focus on low-light p og hy and portrait mode. it reportedly has the same field of view (i.e. no zoom) and the same f/1.7 aperture as the other sensor. its resolution was increased from 16mp to 20mp though there's no additional ois for it. oneplus 5t (left) vs. oneplus 5...

oneplus 5 back design officially revealed, horizontal dual era confirmed

oneplus 5 will have dual- era setup, the company confirmed on twitter. oneplus updated its header p o and tweeted an image of the back of the phone, revealing its design. the eras are placed horizontally in the upper left corner with the led flash next to them. the antenna band on top is following the curvature of the back panel. oneplus also mentions the edge is with a slightly different design, which can be seen in the image above. the picture reveals the microsd/sim slot will be on the right side, over the power on. the device pictured is in black, so we might get the...

oneplus may bring back the always-on display feature in android p

after the backlash oneplus received due to the removal of the always-on display feature on its oneplus 6, the company has said that it will be bringing it back with android p beta, sort of. as you can see, the oneplus employee didn't say that the feature will be included in the next major update for sure. probably the company will be carrying out some tests in the android p beta and then optimize it for less battery drain once the full release comes out. oneplus 6 always-on display feature before removed in the meantime, the developers' team is working on another short-term os...

oneplus 6 removed the always on display feature just before launch

oneplus has strong opinions about what its users want - and it's not wireless charging and not an always on display either. the feature was available on pre-release units, but was disabled with the very first update. apparently, the battery life trade-off was deemed too great. the now-removed always on display option here's a (now deleted) response from oneplus: we have an official update from our technical team confirming that always on display on oneplus 6 was removed due to battery saving concern. we hope that this clarifies your concern. let us know if there's...

oxygenos open beta 3 on android 9.0 pie arrives on the oneplus 6

oneplus just released the new open beta 3 android 9.0 pie-based software update for oneplus 6 devices participating in the open beta program. the patch is mostly fixing bugs and improving overall stability, although there are a few other interesting improvements as well. the changelog says that users can expect better face unlock and fingerprint scanner behavior and there's now added support for google istant or other third-party istant apps. you can launch the igned istant by holding the power on for 0.5 seconds. oneplus also extended the support for parallel apps...

purported leak reveals 4,000mah battery for oneplus 5

the upcoming oneplus 5 has been the subject of several rumors and leaks so far. it's currently said to come with a 3,300mah battery, but - if a new leak is to be believed - that might not be the case. the leak says the device will pack in a larger, 4,000mah battery. the leak also confirms some other key information we already know from past rumors, including chipset, memory, and pricing. it also reveals slate grey, soft gold, and deep black color options. needless to say, none of this has been officially confirmed (except for the chipset, of course) and it doesn't match the majority...

oneplus 6t invitation leaks

we're hearing more about the oneplus 6t as the time for the chinese phone maker's flagship refresh is nearing. today, a supposed invitation for the launch event has leaked on the chinese social network, weibo. the alleged invitation's tagline is "unlock the speed", which is likely a reference to the devices supposed use of an in-display fingerprint scanner. the invitation says the event would take place on october 17 in one of its biggest markets: india - where it will launch exclusively in the country. we can't hold a candle to the authenticity of this invitation. but we'd imagine that...

oneplus 6t retail box leak reveals waterdrop notch and in-screen fingerprint sensor

if you are following the smartphone market in recent years, you would have probably noticed that each oneplus smartphone is strikingly similar to one of oppo's r flagship offerings. we are talking design, features and hardware to some extent. so that's why the latest leak seems pretty solid. op6t retail box five p os have been posted on weibo of what seems to be the retail box of oneplus' still unreleased 6t. on the underside of the box lid, we see the outlines of the smartphone roughly giving away the design. unsurprisingly, it resembles the recently announced oppo r17 pro...

alleged oneplus 6t invitation leaks

we're hearing more about the oneplus 6t as the time for the chinese phone maker's flagship refresh is nearing. today, a supposed invitation for the launch event has leaked on the chinese social network, weibo. the alleged invitation's tagline is "unlock the speed", which is likely a reference to the devices supposed use of an in-display fingerprint scanner. the invitation says the event would take place on october 17 in one of its biggest markets: india - where it will launch exclusively in the country. we can't hold a candle to the authenticity of this invitation. but we'd imagine that...

samsung galaxy s8+ teardown reveals poor repairability

samsung's galaxy s8 and s8+ are finally becoming available this week, following a long hype period. to get you in the mood for picking up one, or receiving your pre-ordered unit, the folks over at ifixit have done what they do best. namely, they've decided to take apart an s8+ and let us know how easy it would be to repair. spoiler alert: not very. the device has scored a measly 4 out of 10 on the repairability scale, where 10 is easiest to repair. the phone's use of front and back gl means there's double the chance you crack something, and these gl panels are held in place by strong...

top 10 most popular reviews of 2018: q4

closing off our most popular reviews series it's time to take a look at the final three months of the year. coming in as the most read review in q4 is non other than the oneplus 6t. oneplus' latest flagship got a lot of things right, like the great screen with a reduced notch, the in-display fingerprint scanner, the improved era and most importantly with the better battery life. in second is the huawei mate 20 pro. if there was a phone this year that tried to upset the galaxy note9 as the most feature-packed phone of the year, it was the mate 20 pro. from the amoled display, the...

oneplus 6 shines on geekbench a week ahead of launch

next week we'll see the long-awaited oneplus 6 with a notch on the display at its official unveiling. a unit of the phone was just tested on geekbench and this gives us some new information, as well as confirming older rumors. oneplus 6 will come with model number a6003, backing the trend of oneplus 3 being a300x and oneplus 5 being a500x. it will also come with qualcomm snapdragon 845, but that's no surprise since the company already confirmed the chipset. the oneplus 6 will arrive with the latest android oreo 8.1. back in december, a staff member said it was too risky to...

oneplus 5 confirmed to be discontinued once stock runs out

in an interview with the indian express, the general manager of oneplus india - vikas aggarwal - offers insight on what will happen to the oneplus 5 and why the company released the 5t so soon. if you look at our previous phone, the oneplus 3t the last batch was sold out during diwali and now the product will be discontinued. the same goes for the oneplus 5, which will also be sold out in sometime, and we'll have only one product - oneplus 5t - in the market. aggarwal says the changes on the oneplus 5t are not significant enough to cl ify as a whole new product. instead, the oneplus...

oneplus 6 puts s845 power behind a notched screen, shoots 4k @ 60fps video

oneplus 6 wants to prove that it's greater than the competition with a number of firsts for the company. it's not a revolutionary redesign, but oneplus' mo has always been to offer a flagship experience at a lower price than the competition. the 6.28" optic amoled display is the largest oneplus has used yet. it has an 19:9 aspect ratio and a notch so it fits in just about the same footprint as the 5t (oneplus says it covers 84% of the front, but that doesn't account for the notch). the resolution is 1,080 x 2,280 px and there's support for both srgb and dci-p3. the era department...

oneplus 3 and 3t to get android o before the year's end

yesterday, oneplus held an ama on reddit which stands for "ask me anything". one of the questions that were asked regarded the oneplus 3 and 3t's android o update, which is not even officially out yet. oneplus has ured that the oneplus 3t and oneplus 3's android o updates would be arriving "within this year. to be fair, android o is still a long time from now as far as tech is concerned, so don't be surprised if this changes before the year's end. oneplus 3 as far as android o goes, it was announced at google i/o this year and is set to debut with this year's successors to...

oneplus 5 rumor round-up: a preview of the new flagship killer

the oneplus 5 will be unveiled later today, but we think there will be few surprises - there have been so many leaks that little is left to the imagination. in case you missed them, here's a round-up of the expected features of the new flagship killer. some of these are plain rumors, others have been officially confirmed in the form of teasers. for example, the image below is official and reveals the dual era with, let's say, a familiar design. the era on the back will be a combo of 16mp f/1.7 main era and a 20mp f/2.6 telep o era. both with sony sensors. it is...

xiaomi mi mix 2 torn down

the xiaomi mi mix 2 has been torn down by chinese site zol and we'll be taking a look at some of its inner workings. the teardown has revealed several improvements in design and materials when compared to the original xiaomi mi mix. there are no screws to access the inside of the phone, so to get inside, the rear ceramimic panel of the phone must be heated to loosen its adhesive. once the back panel comes off, the fingerprint scanner's ribbon cable remains tethered to the board. there's a shield protecting the mainboard, which also features antennas printed in a gold color....

no nougat for oneplus 2, company confirms

oneplus has officially confirmed that its oneplus 2 smartphone won't be getting the nougat update. "customer service has been telling customers this for a little while," the chinese company said in a statement. "we're happy about what we're doing with software," oneplus noted, adding "we already confirmed android o will come for the oneplus 3 and 3t. so [no nougat for the oneplus 2] isn't new and we think people were aware of it." as for the reason, the firm said: "when we built the oneplus 2 we didn't have the software infrastructure team in place we do now." via

oneplus 6 will finally be waterproof

oneplus manufactures top-notch smartphones, but all its devices lack a feature found in all the competitors - waterproofing. all phones until the oneplus 5t do not have ip67/68 capabilities, but according to the company, the upcoming oneplus 6 will finally be safe from the natural elements like water, especially rainwater. don't you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? so do we 😉— oneplus (@oneplus) april 16, 2018 other features and specs that the oneplus 6 will have are a 3.5 mm audio jack and a notch on the top of the...

oneplus 5t is sold out in europe

oneplus just announced in an that the 5t is out of stock in the uk and the rest of europe. the phone is currently unavailable to be purchased from the company website, but units can still be found at various retailers, including o2. the oneplus 5t being sold out in europe is a good thing, the company says as it helped it double its yoy revenue to $1.4 billion. oneplus said the 5t was the best selling device up to date. oneplus 5t pete lau, ceo of oneplus, thanked in the press release to the op community for always communicating and constantly improving the phones. in...

سهولت مهاجرت به oneplus توسط oneplus switch فراهم شد

oneplus switch اپلیکیشنی است که به کاربران اندرویدی کمک می کند که از دیوایس های خود دل ند و به جمع وان پلاسی ها افزوده شوند بدون اینکه اپ های خود را از دست دهند

ifixit کل ی s6 edge را کالبد شکافی کرد

2 سال قبل در: اخبار, بررسی ابزارهای همراهبدون نظر گروه ifixit بالا ه دست به کالبد شکافی گل ی s6 edge سامسونگ زد و این گروه طبق معمول با بهترین روش به آرامی و با صبر و حوصله اجزای این گوشی را از هم جدا و با دقت هر مرحله از فرایند را ثبت د. داخل این گوشی در نگاه اول شسته و رفته، مرتب، و گرم و نرم است اما در مجموع بسیار سخت تر از htc one m9 از هم جدا شد. نمره ای که ifixit به قابل تعمیر بودن این گوشی داده است ۳/۱۰، می باشد که بسیار بد است. ۱. ۲٫ باز در پانل پشت کار سختی است ۳٫ ۴٫ باقی مانده چسب بین قطعات که از هم جدا شدند ۵٫ ۶٫ ۷٫ پانل پشتی به آسانی نمی شکند ۸٫ دسترسی به باتری است توسط قاب ف ی مسدود شده است. ۹٫ ۱۰٫ ۱۱٫ باتری هنوز هم در پشت مادربرد گیر کرده است. ۱۲٫ ۱۳٫ ۱۴٫ ۱۵٫ دوربین های جلو و عقب ۱۶٫ باتری در نهایت در دسترس است، اما باید برای جدا آن تقلا کرد. ۱۷٫ ۱۸٫ ۱۹٫ ۲۰٫ در اینجا صفحه نمایش انعطاف پذیر در پشت شیشه قرار دارد. ۲۱٫ ۲۲٫ در نهایت، دکمه صفحه اصلی یا اسکنر اثر انگشت بیرون می آید. ۲۳٫ تکنو سمانه ادامه مطلب

oneplus 5 to get the face unlock feature from the 5t

the oneplus 5 will be getting the face unlock feature from the oneplus 5t in a software update. this information was relayed by oneplus co-founder carl pei on twitter, who said the feature is being added to the oneplus 5 by popular demand. due to popular demand, face unlock is coming for the oneplus 5. thanks for the feedback, and merry christmas! 🎅🎄🎁— carl pei (@getpeid) december 24, 2017 currently, oneplus' face unlock feature is only available on their flagship oneplus 5t. it's a much simpler version of the technology used on the iphone x as it uses just...

oneplus 3 and 3t to get android p update

oneplus has announced that the two year old oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t will also be getting the android p updates. the company revealed this information on their forum. oneplus specified that they have been listening to user feedback and have taken this decision as a result. however, the company also mentioned that because they are now focusing their efforts on the android p update for the 3/3t, they are skipping the android 8.1 update for either devices (they currently run on android 8.0). as for when the update will go live, we don't know. oneplus said the android p roll out...

oneplus 3t is being discontinued soon, only a few units are still available for purchase

oneplus has already started talking about its next smartphone, the oneplus 5. it's teased some possible color versions, and the ceo revealed what chipset will be powering it. as we inevitably get closer and closer to its unveiling, the company seems intent on focusing just on the oneplus 5. so it's decided to retire the oneplus 3t. there are apparently only a few units still available for purchase, so if you want a 3t you should grab one as soon as possible. oneplus says "this is the last call" to buy the 3t "before stock runs out". when that happens, it's all over for what was one of...

gold oneplus 5 swings by tenaa, we hold our breath

you probably have heard something about a device named oneplus 5 being released in the past few days. it comes in midnight black and slate gray, but according to a tenaa listing, the phone will also have a gold color option. having a oneplus 5 in gold shouldn't be a surprise since this color option isn't new for a oneplus device. the oneplus 3t was offered in soft gold, and the oneplus x had a champagne option. oneplus is also known to have a policy of announcing color options along the product life of its smartphones. back at the beginning of 2017, the oneplus 3t midnight...

oneplus promises selfie portrait mode for op5 and op5t and more

during an open ears forum in india, users requested many features for their aging devices like the oneplus 5 and oneplus 5t and the developers' team promised to deliver most of them. the most notable future update will be the selfie portrait mode introduced with the oneplus 6. the feature will reach the oneplus 5 and 5t in one of the following updates as the effect is produced entirely by a software. this could also mean that oneplus could try and port the functionality to older oneplus devices like the 3 and 3t or someone from the xda forums will re-pack it as an unofficial...

oneplus 7 or oneplus 5g leaks for the first time, take a look

if you were wondering what oneplus' 5g phone or the oneplus 7 are going to look like, we may now have the answer. the image you can see below has been leaked today, and it's a s from an internal company meeting, with oneplus ceo pete lau attending. the employee who took the picture surely risks being fired for this. anyway, as you can see, the design of the back is a pretty big departure from oneplus' recent phones, with a huge circular era island. the device on the slide is red, as is a prototype just laying on the desk, but there's also a white model in development - don't miss the...

oneplus proves once more that it doesn't get ads

to celebrate valentine's day oneplus is giving you the chance to snag not one but two "personalized" oneplus 3ts by signing up for the #lickoflove competition on oneplus's website. and while winning the spanking 3t is all well and good, it's oneplus's accompanying ad that's the interesting bit. oneplus made a video for the #lickoflove competition which shows people literally licking the phone. here's the cringe-inducing video itself. this isn't the first time oneplus has made a polarizing ad. then again the maker means well - the #lickoflove ad is focused on highlighting all of the...

oneplus 5 to bring face unlock with oreo update

oneplus announced android oreo for oneplus 3 and oneplus 3t in the beginning of the week. apparently oneplus 5 is next in line for the new os. along with the already expected picture-in-picture and notification dots, arriving at all devices with oreo oneplus 5 will also gain face unlock. face unlock is a familiar feature to op owners. the latest oneplus 5t with nougat 7.1.1 has it and it works seamlessly, as we already established, so it's great to hear that it's coming to the older model. source | via

a blue oneplus 3t might be coming our way tomorrow

oneplus has been up to something lately and it doesn't seem to be the rumored oneplus 5. the chinese manufacturer has been dropping some design hints and its all starting to make a lot more sense now that we know the colette boutique in paris is involved. something is about to go down with @oneplus & @coletteparis - stay tuned.— oneplus (@oneplus) march 13, 2017 the collaboration was announced on twitter and teases an event, scheduled from tomorrow - march 15. by all accounts and estimates, we can expect a new color for the oneplus 3t - likely a blue one,...

oneplus 5t benchmarked ahead of its announcement

in just a couple of hours oneplus will take to the stage and unveil the oneplus 5t. we know pretty much everything there is to know thanks to a heap of leaks but it's nice to keep going - the latest bit of leaked news is the performance of the snapdragon 835 inside the oneplus 5t. the phone was tested on antutu and scored a respectable 176k putting it among the top scorers - refer to the table below. jrg h_expandable_version = false; antutu 6 higher is better oneplus 5 180331 huawei mate 10 pro 178510 oneplus 5t 176405 lg v30 ...

oneplus 6t gets a proper teardown reveals the under display fp scanner